The Florida Bar Exam and the MBE

The Florida Bar Exam Results for February 2014 will come out on Monday, April 14th.

Florida is one of few states where the MBE score and the Florida essays can be passed separately. Instead of a combined score, Florida has allowed students to retake only one section of the bar exam, if needed.

A student applicant can pass Part A, the Florida section or pass Part B, which is the MBE portion of the bar exam. If that student applicant has enough points from either section, it may carry over to the section that student failed and the student can then have enough points to pass the Florida bar exam.

Usually, if a student fails one section of the bar exam, it is not enough to score an overall pass for the Florida bar exam and that student will have to take that failed section over again. The student does not have to sit for the entire bar exam again, just the section that he failed.

Because of the unique difficulties of the MBE section of the bar, students usually fail the MBE section more readily than the Florida portion of the bar exam. The MBE Testing Institute will help you develop and cultivate these important skills for passing the MBE. The tutorial is available to any Florida repeat taker having difficulty passing the MBE. Remember, you must pass the MBE in July or you will be forced to study for civil procedure as the new subject in the MBE in February.

Contact us at for more information.

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