The Release of the Missouri Statistics Show a Need for an MBE Tutor for Repeat Takers

We have always looked forward to reviewing Missouri statistics when that state releases its bar exam results.

Unfortunately, effective this bar exam cycle, the NCBE no longer releases raw scores or releases the individual subjects in terms of difficulty.

However, we can still gleam some important information for both Missouri and Pennsylvania’s bar exam results.
Pennsylvania has given us the mean average for the MBE, nationwide. Pennsylvania tells us that the mean average was 137.957 for the February 2014 bar exam. This is helpful to those states who bifurcate their bar results, like Florida. Florida requires a minimum score of 136 in order to pass the MBE section of the bar exam outright. A mean score of the MBE would be successful student in Florida.

Now let’s look at Missouri and its statistics. The first time taker had a mean score of 140; with a second time taker mean score of 130 and a third time taker mean score of 127.5. It’s incredible to think that between the first time taker and second time taker, there was a difference of 10 points, which is quite substantial to overcome. That’s why an MBE Tutor is so important to the repeat taker. The MBE Testing Institute can help you overcome that difference.

If you need help passing the MBE, contact the MBE Testing Institute at for more information.

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