Why do Students Fail the MBE?

The MBE is always difficult because you have to get the right answer or you get no points. Across the board, whether you are from Harvard or from a third tier score, contracts and property are one and two of the hardest subjects of the six – and where most students have the most difficult. Torts is ranked as the easiest subject in terms of how many questions students get right nationally.

More importantly, the reason that students do poorly on the MBE is because they lack well developed analytical skills. Analytical skills are an ability to reason through a problem. That is what lawyers do every day and that’s why it is important to develop these skills. The MBE requires you to demonstrate the ability to apply logical thinking when you analyze the fact pattern and the answer choices. The student must use good reasoning in analyzing the MBE question and use problem solving skills, often seeing the arguments on both sides of the issue presented.

Fortunately, analytical skills can be taught and can be learned. The student improves with practice. The student learns by doing. That is why an MBE Tutor is so important to the repeat taker. The MBE Testing Institute can help you overcome the difficulty of the MBE test and help you to a successful score.

If you need help passing the MBE, contact the MBE Testing Institute at pass@mbetestinginstitute.com for more information.

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