July 2014 Bar Exam: A MBE Tutor for the Bar Exam for Foreign Trained Lawyers

Many repeat takers have trouble with the MBE on the bar exam. Foreign trained lawyers have the most difficulty on the MBE and as a result, they fail the bar exam. A look at New York’s bar exam statistics for February 2014, shows us that foreign trained lawyers only pass at a 30% pass rate.

The reason that there is a 70% failure rate is that the MBE is just too challenging for the foreign trained attorney to overcome. In working with foreign trained lawyers, we know that most students cannot finish the exam. Their reading comprehension is too slow to allow them to finish 100 questions in 3 hours.

The MBE Testing Institute has devised a complete program for foreign educated lawyers and U.S. trained lawyers who have learned English as a second language. The key is to work on comprehension so that the questions become easier to understand and so that the MBE questions the foreign educated lawyer does answer are correct.

To those students who must take the July MBE again, remember, that effective on the February 2015 MBE, the bar examiners have expanded the subject material to include federal civil procedure. So, instead of studying only 6 subjects, those that have to take the February 2015 MBE, they will also have to study 7 subjects.
The MBE Testing Institute has bar exam tutors ready to help you pass the MBE.

Our advice to those who are sitting for the exam in July – you need to pass the MBE bar exam in July before the changes to the MBE begin in February 2015.

An MBE Tutor is so important to the repeat taker. The MBE Testing Institute can help you overcome the difficulty of the MBE test and help you to a successful score.

If you need help passing the MBE, contact the MBE Testing Institute at pass@mbetestinginstitute.com for more information.

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