Repeat Bar Exam Takers: Why Did You Fail And How the MBE Testing Institute Can Help You

Most law students fail the Bar Exam for three major reasons:

  1. Repeat Bar Takers revert back to bad writing habits and poor analytical skills developed in law school

Under the pressures of the bar exam, many students revert back to bad habits. These bad habits allowed them to graduate from law school, but will be the kiss of death on the bar. Some of the bad habits include not answering the call of the question, failure to understand what the MBE question is asking you..

The MBE Testing Institute will teach you the skills to analyze the MBE, with improvement on better analysis.

  1. Repeat Bar Takers have poor preparation and time management skills

Many law students start their bar preparation entirely too late, leaving most in a rush mode. For the upcoming February 2015 bar, your preparation should begin earlier rather than later. You should allow yourself 5 hours per day for studying. But more importantly, studying correctly is the key. You need analyze and answer many MBE questions. Your answers must be evaluated by a private tutor.

The MBE Testing Institute puts each student on a two week schedule so that the student is evaluated frequently. In addition, the MBE Testing Institute evaluates every MBE exam the student takes, looking for areas in which the student can improve.

  1. Repeat Bar Takers don’t really believe that they will pass

You must have a belief that you will pass. Get rid of all negative thoughts, people and things. You must truly believe that you will pass. You must say this every single day prior to the bar and you must have the confidence to succeed.

The MBE Testing Institute knows that taking the bar exam as a repeat taker can be an isolating experience. The MBE Testing Institute helps the student keep motivated and confident through interaction with the Florida bar tutor.

An MBE Tutor is important to the repeat taker. The MBE Testing Institute can help you overcome the difficulty of the MBE test and help you to a successful score.

If you need help passing the MBE, contact the MBE Testing Institute at for more information.

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