The First Steps in Analyzing the MPT

First you want to review the instructions. There is an instruction sheet of every MPT. Read it as you prepare – you do not want to waste time reading it during the bar exam.

Verify the jurisdiction paragraph to know what is mandatory as opposed to what is merely persuasive authority.

Your next step is to identify the area of law. From the listings in the Library, you can often determine the subject area.

Determine whether it’s a statutory or common law problem.

You then must read the Task Memo and identify the issue you’re asked to resolve. The Task Memo reveals the precise issue you’re asked to resolve. Read the directions carefully.

Identify your specific assignment by noting the precise nature of the task: memo – decide whether it is a persuasive brief, client letter, contract provision, etc. Identify the point of view – whether it’s objective or persuasive. This will inform the nature of your reading because you’ll read the materials with a critical eye. Identify your audience – is it a lawyer or layperson?

Now, you’ll be able to start the reading.

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