3 days to the Bar Exam: Powering Down This Weekend

It is now 3 days to the bar exam. This is the final weekend before you sit for the bar exam.

One of the most important factors in your performance on the bar exam is going to be your stamina – to sit for 3 hours at a stretch, with no breaks, concentrating solely on the bar exam will be quite an endeavor. You need to remain focused and energized throughout the bar exam in order for you to do your best work.

First, you need to catch up on your rest and start powering down on your studying this weekend. Try to have a less stressful couple of days. Put in study time, but also sleep, rest and relax. You have done your preparation and now it’s time to get in the game, mentally and physically.

You will be nervous this weekend, but try to contain your anxiety – you have studied hard and you are ready. Review your materials, go over your outlines, write out an essay or two to keep in practice and also work on some MBE questions – making sure you read the explanations of why the answer choices are right or wrong. Don’t let doubt creep into your thinking. You must be confident – you know you will pass. Good luck.

The MBE Testing Institute knows that taking the bar exam as a repeat taker can be an isolating experience. The MBE Testing Institute helps the student keep motivated and confident through interaction with an MBE Testing Institute’s bar tutor.

If you need help passing the MBE, contact the MBE Testing Institute at pass@mbetestinginstitute.com for more information.

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