The July 2016 Bar Exam: Repeat Florida Bar Exam Takers and The Florida Crying Game

Similar to last year, 6 out of the 11 Florida law schools was below the state average of 68.2% and 4 law schools scored below 60%.  Moreover, the difference between the highest bar percentage of 87.5% by FIU and St. Thomas, the lowest scoring school, at 45.5% was 42 points.

We have interviewed many people on this issue, from legal schools, bar experts, law professors and even law students.  Their conclusions are that, the Florida bar exam is becoming less predictable in light of the new tested subjects.  Many students go into the bar exam not understanding the magnitude of the exam and the proper methodology needed to pass.  Further, the additional MBE subject has trended lower MBE scores nationwide.  Of course, the law students at the lower tier schools are blaming their poor performance on their law schools’ doorstep, while the deans and law professors are blaming the law students for not preparing sufficiently.

Nevertheless, despite the blame game, there is one inescapable conclusion – you must pass the bar exam.  The MBE & UBE Testing Institute can help you succeed and guide you through the areas that will help you pass the bar exam and begin your life as a lawyer.  Don’t wait until you take the bar 2 or 3 or even 5 times – get help now and get the bar exam behind you.

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The MBE & UBE Testing Institute knows that taking the bar exam as a repeat taker can be an isolating experience. The MBE & UBE Testing Institute helps the student keep motivated and confident through interaction with an MBE & UBE Testing Institute’s bar tutor.

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