Answering Only the Call of the Question

Often in essay answers, students try to impress the bar examiners with all of their knowledge, even if it doesn’t apply to the specific call of the question.

The bar examiners don’t want a bunch of archane and esoteric information that you know about a particular subject. Don’t tell the bar examiners that the question is particularly interesting or that you know a lot of the subject at hand. Don’t make jokes in your essay answer.

Time is of the essence. The bar examiners craft the questions for the time allocated. They do not expect to see anything unrelated to the specifics of the question.

I have seen essay answers that look panic-stricken with a lot of useless information at the end of the answer, as if the student is putting everything in the answer but the kitchen sink. These brain dumps do nothing for you and will get you no extra points.

As boring as it sounds, answer the specific call of the question only.

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The PASS System!

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